Upstands, Splash Backs & Window Sills

Culinary creativity comes with a certain amount of mess! Kitchens walls are usually tiled or painted with easy-clean paint to protect them from splashes etc. However, upstands and splash backs in high-splash areas not only protect your walls from mess and staining but can cover up any anomalies where walls are not completely level and avoid the need for tiling altogether.

G Stone Ltd’s standard upstands are 100mm high and 30mm thick but can be machined to 20mm thickness if required and are normally fabricated from the same stone as your worktops so as to blend beautifully for that professional finished look. This customer has opted for standard 100mm upstands.


Splash Backs
Splash are fabricated to a size and shape to suit any installation and normally installed in high-splash areas i.e behind sinks and hobs. Note how this customer has opted to have additional curved sculpturing to blend the upstand and spash back together beautifully.


Window Sills
For that finishing touch why not change your wooden window sills for matching stone ones? G Stone Ltd can install separate sills, sills that join your upstands or incorporate the window sill as part of the work top.


G Stone Ltd’s upstands and splash backs and window sills are not installed as standard but are an additional special features so please do specify at the time of quoting if you require any of the above.