Care & Repair

How to keep your stone looking as beautiful as it did on the day it was fitted.

As with anything special your natural stone will need looking after. Treated the right way your granite, marble or quartz worktops will still be looking as beautiful as they did on the day they were installed for decades to come. Stone is naturally porous in structure, left unsealed and unpolished it is very likely to stain, scratch and harbour bacteria.

What will G Stone Ltd do to protect your stone from staining, scratching & germs?

G Stone Ltd apply sealant and machine polish your worktops to the highest gleam possible at our unit in Wickford, Essex. Once fitted your worktops will be cleaned of all installation debris and polished up. Our Fitters are extremely proud of their work so they may ask you if they can take photo to feature in our gallery on this website.

What can you do to protect your stone and keep it looking as good as new?
As you would expect there are a few do’s and don’t with stone worktops follow these simple guidelines for stone worktops that look as good as the day they were fitted.

Polishing Your Stone Worktops

Every so often you may want to deep clean, reseal and polish your worktops to maximise their longevity and maintain it’s natural antibacterial surface. To do this you will need specialist stone cleaning products and a bit of elbow grease. G Stone Ltd currently stock Lithofin natural stone cleaning agents, polishes and kits. To order your natural stone care products contact us.

Natural & Artificial Stone Care Kit

- Lithofin Power Clean
- Lithofin Stain Stop
- Lithofin Polish/care Cream
- Cleaning Cloth
- Instructions for use   £32.00 + VAT & p&p

Natural & Artificial Stone Care Kit Refills

 G Stone Ltd Repair Service

In the unfortunate event that your stone sustains damage, i.e. a crack or chip please do call us. There may be something we can do to repair it using special techniques using resins.